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WOKE Music Conference ’18

The Woke Music Conference is vastly approaching. In this conference, music enthusiasts will get the opportunity to grow in their craft, become professionals and get insight as to how to build a career within the music industry. The participants will also gain the insight needed to further develop their musical careers.

The Woke Music Conference will be a three-day conference, where the participants will get the opportunity to learn about producing, songwriting, music promotion and how to make a living off the music industry.

The workshops will be given by a group of international and local music producers, artists, songwriters, dj’s, music video producers and radio personalities. The focus is mostly on the younger generation that is currently very involved in the music sector, but the doors are open for music enthusiasts of all ages.

According to WOKE Music Conference founder, Xavier “Getamilli” Navarro better known as Dopie, the music industry in Curaçao is expanding and there is a lot of talent. Curaçao’s local music industry is a sector that can be exploited and exported internationally.

The panel for this conference consists of a mixture of relevant international and local industry play makers with years of experience in their respective fields:

  • Architrackz (Artist/Producer)
  • Smurv (Producer)
  • Dezz (Artist/Producer)
  • Mason (Artist)
  • Big D (Radio Personality)
  • Dj Krokkz (Dj/Producer)
  • QD (Videographer/Artist)

There will be interesting topics such as: Mixing, How to sample music, The importance of music video’s today and one on one sessions will be possible.