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  • Tyga Is Suing Young Money & Cash Money For Being Shorted Royalties Since 2009

Tyga Is Suing Young Money & Cash Money For Being Shorted Royalties Since 2009

Though Tyga went through a rough patch in his career where everyone seemed to hate everything he came out with, it seems like the rapper is finally back in good graces with the help of his latest smash hit, “Taste.” Now, It looks like Tyga is taking this opportunity to get what’s his, and he’s hitting up his old squad over at Young Money and Cash Money for a shot at what he thinks he’s owed.

Tyga is going head to head with the likes of Birdman and Lil Wayne by suing both Cash Money and Young Money, claiming that the respective record labels screwed him out of a lot of money that he should have made during his time there.

The story goes as follows: Tyga claims that he made a deal back in 2009, in which he would produce 2 albums for Young Money. The albums–‘Careless World’ and “Hotel California”–both charted big on Billboard with ‘Careless World’ reaching #4 and ‘Hotel Cali’ just a few spots behind peaking it #7 on the charts.

Because of this, Tyga is now claiming that Young Money, which is run by Lil Wayne, shorted him “significant sums” of cash.

The rapper then goes on in his lawsuit to claim that in 2016, both Cash Money and Young Money agreed to pay Tyga all the royalties that he says were owed to him for years, but unfortunately for him, he still didn’t get a penny.

With this lawsuit, Tyga is saying that he’s tried multiple times to get paid only to get stonewalled, and he’s over that completely.

T-Raww is going for no less than $1 million with this lawsuit against Young Money and Cash Money.