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These are the world’s highest-paid rappers of 2018

A new Forbes-compiled list has shed light on the year’s biggest earners in the rap game

Jay-Z, Diddy and Kendrick Lamar have all been named as being among the highest-paid rappers of 2018.

Forbes are behind the new findings, with the publication updating its regular statistics on the yearly earnings of hip-hop acts with this latest list. The publication notes that months-long tours and big commercial deals have played a major part in the new figures, with such ventures helping each artist in the list bring in an average of $44 million a year.

Jay, Diddy and Lamar make up the top three in the list, with the trio of rappers the biggest-earners of 2018. Lamar’s wealth has largely been brought in through touring and endorsement deals, while Diddy’s fortunes in 2018 are thought to have been primarily made by his hefty involvement in beverages.

Jay, meanwhile, has made an estimated $76.5 million (£58.3 million), with his media businesses and the success of the ‘On The Run II’ tour with his wife Beyoncé helping account for the staggering amount of money made by the 48-year-old this year.

Nas is the biggest mover in this new list, with his surge in earnings in 2018 largely down, according to Forbes, to his acquisitions of lucrative equity stakes.

See the full list of hip-hop’s highest-paid artists in 2018 below.

20. Swizz Beatz ($15 million tie)
20. Russ ($15 million tie)
20. Meek Mill ($15 million tie)
19. Logic ($17 million)
18. Lil Wayne ($19 million)
17. Lil Uzi Vert ($19.5 million)
16. Birdman ($20 million)
15. Travis Scott ($21 million)
14. Chance the Rapper ($21.5 million)
13. Eminem ($23 million)
12. Migos ($24.5 million)
11. DJ Khaled ($27 million)
10. Kanye West ($27.5 million)
09. Future ($30 million)
08. Pitbull ($32 million)
06. Nas ($35 million tie)
06. Dr. Dre ($35 million tie)
05. J. Cole ($35.5 million)
04. Drake ($47 million)
03. Kendrick Lamar ($58 million)
02. Diddy ($64 million)
01. Jay-Z ($76.5 million)