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  • Remy Ma Comments On The Issues Surrounding Nicki Minaj & Cardi B’s Altercation

Remy Ma Comments On The Issues Surrounding Nicki Minaj & Cardi B’s Altercation

Remy Ma has been pretty spot on in the last few days as she comments on some of hip-hop’s hot topics. The talk of the culture has been appropriately divided between Eminem’s new album and the beefs he’s rehashing as well as Nicki Minaj’s feud with Cardi B. Both of those were touched upon in Joe Budden’s new State of the Culture show. He opened the episode by stating that nobody was safe; they would be discussing anybody and everybody with “zero fucks given.” Remy had some opinions about Joe Budden’s non-response to Eminem calling him outbut she also spoke some real talk about the Cardi and Nicki situation, echoing a sentiment that Nick had on Queen Radio.

Minaj told everybody listening to her show that if Cardi continues to put her hands on people, she will get killed, which was a statement that resonated loudly. Remy Ma may have her own issues with the Queen rapper but she full-heartedly agrees with her in this case, saying:

“This is a blanket statement for everybody. Stop talking crazy, stop tweeting crazy. N—as are talking all this real shit and as soon as some real shit happens, somebody’s in the hospital, somebody cut, somebody stabbed, somebody shot, somebody stomped out, everybody’s like ‘Oh my god, stop the violence, please! We can’t do this.’ But when n—as is talking all that real n—a shit and all this gangsta shit and all this gang shit and everything else, everybody thinks it’s cool and they quoting it and using it as lines to theysongs. But as soon as something happens, ‘Why would Cardi do that? Oh my god!'” 

It doesn’t sound like Remy is really picking a side here; she’s mostly just calling for people to be more careful when they pick their battles. She said earlier in the show that she consciously chooses what to reply to, knowing the repercussions it may have. Perhaps Cardi and Nicki should be taking the high road in this instance.