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  • Idris Elba & A$AP Rocky Are Still Plotting On Collaborating In The Future

Idris Elba & A$AP Rocky Are Still Plotting On Collaborating In The Future

Idris Elba’s one of the most celebrated actors of modern times but a lot of people don’t know that he also dabbles in music as well. Idris Elba co-produced and performed on the intro of Jay-Z’s American Gangster album, DJ’s under the name DJ Big Driis and even opened for Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour stop in Berlin. Last year, there were rumors of possible collaboration with Elba and A$AP Rocky. We’ve yet to see that come into fruition but according to Idris, it nearly did.

Idris Elba recently sat down with Beats1 host, Matt Wilkinson to speak about directorial debut “Yardie” which hits theaters this Friday. During the conversation, he spoke on creating the soundtrack, Bob Marley and his upbringing in Hackney. However, he also spoke on the possibilities of an A$AP Rocky collaboration. While many thought that it would be a musical collaboration, Elba revealed that he’s pretty much open to collaborating on anything with the Harlem native.

“A$AP and I – we share a mutual friend Hector Delgado who is his engineer and producer. I love A$AP, he’s a good soul. And every time we meet each other we’re like, ‘let’s work’. Not necessarily music – he wants to act, he does act, I want to do music. So we just collaborate and we nearly made it happen… it hasn’t happened. Skepta is a good friend also, and they connect. So we’re just in a circle where there’s a possibility.” He said, “There’s no ‘nos’ in this game. I think what’s happening with artists… People are reaching out in different genres and going ‘hey’.”