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Created by Xavier ‘Getamilli’ Navarro, the #SangerNoboChallenge is a challenge introduced to discover new talent and give them a chance to shine. #SangerNoboChallenge had 40 (singing/rapping) entries within the first round.

7 Jurors chose who advanced to the next round based on:

  • creativity
  • flow
  • lyrics

Fans were given a chance to vote and one person was chosen as the wild card. 10 participants advanced to round 2. Producing was added to the challenge. Who advanced was chosen by the public and by the jurors based on:

  • structure
  • creativity
  • mixing
  • commerciality

Winner can win: free studiotime & a megapack with samples & plugins

The producers who advance to round 2, their beats will be used by the singers/rappers for the next round alongside video (to make it more creative) as their entry. From the 10, 5 will advance to the next round.

The chosen 5 will perform live on 88Rockorsou in front of the jurors. Winner gets feature on ‘Getamilli & Friends’ album.